Hands carefully placing a wooden end grain chopping block on a metal drying rack, highlighting the meticulous craftsmanship involved in its creation

About Amish Classic Creations

At Amish Classic Creations, we source only the finest real wood products from Amish manufacturers throughout Wisconsin. It is our pleasure to bring these handcrafted items to folks around the United States.

Our Products

Our initial line of products includes a range of handcrafted wooden kitchen tools from Sterling Wood, a family-owned business in Clark County, Wisconsin. Run by the Brubaker family, Sterling Wood is committed to using real wood to create items that are both beautiful and functional. They produce end-grain cutting boards and butcher blocks, lazy susan turntables, wooden rolling pins, and more. With the attention to detail they put into each and every piece, we’re sure you’ll love your purchase for years to come.

Craftsman assembling an end grain cutting board by aligning and gluing wooden strips on a workbench, highlighting the precision and skill involved in the process
Person applying glue to wooden strips in preparation for assembling an end grain cutting board, demonstrating the initial stages of the crafting process