The Iron Wood Trivet

Protect your counters and tables from hot pots and pans with the Iron Wood Trivet. Made by skilled craftsmen in Northern Wisconsin, this handmade wooden trivet features a single board design, so it doesn’t have any glue or joints that can be damaged by excessive heat. An application of food-safe beeswax oil keeps the wooden hot pad well protected while also adding a glossy finish. The handmade trivet also includes a grommet hole, so you can hang it on your kitchen wall as a decorative piece.

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Trivet Cleaning

After using your trivet, remove any food stains by wiping the surface clean with warm, soapy water and a dishcloth or sponge. Then, dry the trivet clean with a dish towel and place it on its edge to dry for at least an hour.

When cleaning your trivet, AVOID:

  • Using a steel brush or steel wool, as this can scratch the surface of your trivet, creating space for bacteria and other unwanted microbes to hide.
  • Washing your trivet in the dishwasher, as this can dry out and warp the wood.
  • Immersing your trivet in water, as this can cause the wood to absorb water and warp.
  • Using bleach, as this can stain and dry out the wood.

Trivet Maintenance

You most likely will not need to condition your wooden trivet that frequently. However, your trivet may dry out over time. In order to keep your trivet moisturized, we recommend applying beeswax oil. This food-safe wood conditioner moisturizes wood surface, while also preventing water from absorbing into the wood, which can lead to unwanted bacteria and other germs. Beeswax oil also adds a fine, sparkling finish to your trivet.

Apply the beeswax oil to your trivet by placing a few drops onto a lint-free cloth, then rubbing it into the entire surface of the trivet. Let the trivet dry out on your counter for roughly an hour, allowing the beeswax oil to absorb completely into the wood before returning the trivet to storage.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Rita Winn (Durant, US)
iron wood trivet

Haven't used yet but happy with quality!

Hubbard Morris (Atlanta, US)
Nice design, materials, and finish.

Too many practical uses to list.

It is a solid and beautifully crafted object of delight. Black walnut grain is clear and richly colored.

Joelle Bowens (Beverly Hills, US)
Amish craftsmanship

I bought 2 trivets in black walnut and received 3 !
Excellent condition.
I actually use them as bread tablet as we do in Germany.

kathryn amiel (Cedarhurst, US)
I Love It!!!

I have a Kosher kitchen and I needed a new cutting board for my Dairy side. This was perfect. I seem to be using it ever day.
Great purchase,

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