The Boston Rolling Pin

Perfect for shaping dough for pies, pastries, and pasta, the Boston Rolling Pin is a must have for any baker. Handcrafted in Northern Wisconsin by the Amish, this 18-inch rolling pin is 2 ½ inches thick and constructed from laminated solid wood. The handmade wooden rolling pin is conditioned with a non-toxic, food-safe beeswax oil to keep it moisturized and protected while also adding a lustrous finish. Classically designed, this baker’s rolling pin makes a unique and timeless gift that can be passed down from generation to generation.

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Rolling Pin Uses

Use your rolling pin in the following ways:

  • To flatten and shape dough for pies, pastries, cookies, and pasta.
  • To make crumbs from bread, graham crackers, oreos, and more.
  • To improve the flavor of your dishes by grinding your own spices.
  • To crack open almonds, walnuts, pistachios, pecans, and other nuts.
  • To tenderize steaks, chicken cutlets, and other cuts of meat.
  • As a decorative accent piece in your kitchen.

Rolling Pin Cleaning

When cleaning a wooden rolling pin, start by scraping off any bits of stuck-on dough. To avoid scratching your rolling pin, hold it vertically with one end resting on the countertop. Use your free hand to scrape off any stuck-on dough with a bench scraper (if you don’t have a bench scraper, you can substitute a spatula). Be sure to use a downward motion when scraping. Rotate the rolling pin as you continue to scrape until all of the stuck-on dough has been removed.

Next, scrub your rolling pin with a damp cloth. Some experts note that you should never use soap on a wooden rolling pin, as it strips the wood of its natural oils. Others suggest that mild soaps are perfectly safe, as long as the soap is not allowed to soak into and dry out the wood. We’ll let you decide whether to use soap or not. If you do use soap, you’ll want to condition your wooden rolling pin more regularly. Continue scrubbing until your rolling pin is completely clean. For hard-to-remove dough and other food items, consider using a plastic scouring pad (never use steel wool).

Before you store your rolling pin away, you’ll want to make sure to dry it thoroughly. Use a dry dish towel to remove any excess moisture from the rolling pin, then let it air dry on a rack before storing.

When cleaning your rolling pin, DO NOT:

  • Use steel wool or a steel brush, as this can scratch the surface, creating space for unwanted germs to hide.
  • Put your rolling pin in the dishwasher, as this can crack and warp the wood.
  • Submerge your rolling pin in water, as the wood can absorb water and warp.
  • Wash your rolling pin with bleach, as this can stain the wood and cause it to dry out.

Rolling Pin Maintenance

Unlike cutting boards and butcher blocks, which need to be conditioned frequently, it is generally not necessary to season or condition wood rolling pins. That being said, if your rolling pin has been exposed to high temperatures, it can dry out and crack. In order to moisturize your wooden rolling pin, you should occasionally apply beeswax oil. Not only does this food-safe wood conditioner moisturize wood rolling pins, it also keeps water from absorbing into the wood, which can lead to unwanted bacteria and other germs. Beeswax oil also adds a beautiful, shiny finish to your rolling pin.

To apply the beeswax oil to your rolling pin, dab a few drops onto a lint-free cleaning cloth, then rub it into the entire surface of the pin. Let the rolling pin dry out on your counter for an hour or so, allowing the beeswax oil to absorb completely into the pin before returning it to storage.

Rolling Pin Storage

Store your rolling pin in a safe place where it won’t bump into or be scratched by other kitchen tools. This is important, as nicks and scratches on the barrel of your pin can make it difficult to roll out a smooth dough.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Woody Gustafson (Brainerd, US)

A bought each rolling pin. All 3 are absolutely beautiful. I love them.

Buck Hebert (Dallas, US)

Very nice

Merwin Reimer (Hooker, US)
Boston Maple Rolling Pin

Very good, nothing better than a wood rolling pin. Looks nice and weighted right easy to use.

jeffery cummings (Lebanon, US)
Handmade rolling pin

Very well made best rolling pin on the market, you won't be disappointed!!!

Deborah Smeltzer (Portland, US)
Handmade rolling pin

I love it! The woodgrain is incredible. The craftsmanship is amazing. Very pleased!

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