The Stockholm Cutting Board

Free 4oz of bottle beeswax oil included

Extend the lives of your knives with the Stockholm Cutting Board. This solid wood cutting board features a superior end grain design that keeps knives from dulling as quickly as other types of boards. An application of beeswax oil protects the board, while also adding a lustrous finish. Constructed from 1 ¼ inches of solid wood, the handcrafted cutting board is made in Northern Wisconsin by the Amish. The rectangular cutting board features finger slots for easy lifting, juice grooves to catch any liquids for quick cleanup, and rubber feet to keep it from slipping as you cut and chop.

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Cutting Board Uses

You can use your cutting board in a number of different ways:

  • Use your cutting board to cut fruits, vegetables, cheeses, etc.
  • Use your cutting board as a charcuterie board or cheese board.
  • Hang your cutting board on the wall to add a decorative accent to your kitchen.

When using your cutting board:

  • Do not expose it to excessive moisture for long periods of time, as this can cause it to warp.
  • Do not use it as a hot plate, as this can cause your board to dry out and eventually crack.

Cutting Board Cleaning

After using your cutting board, you’ll want to wash it. Start by removing larger pieces of food with a sturdy dish cloth or nylon bristled brush. For hard-to-remove food, try using a flat, steel bench scraper or spatula. After you’ve removed the larger particles of food, quickly and gently wet the surface with warm or hot water and put a little bit of dish soap on it. Then, scrub the board with a dishcloth, dish brush, or sponge. Be sure to scrub the entire surface of the board, including the edges and bottom. Once you’ve finished scrubbing, rinse the board clean and dry it with a dish towel before placing it on its edge to dry for at least an hour.

When cleaning your cutting board, AVOID:

  • Using steel wool or a steel brush, as this can scratch the surface of your board, creating space for bacteria and other unwanted germs to hide.
  • Washing your cutting board in the dishwasher, as this can warp and crack the wood.
  • Immersing your cutting board in water, as this can cause the wood to absorb water and warp.
  • Cleaning your cutting board with bleach, as this can stain and dry out the wood surface.
  • Laying your cutting board flat on one side to dry, as this can cause the board to warp.

Cutting Board Maintenance

In order to extend the life of your cutting board, apply beeswax oil wood conditioner frequently. The food-safe conditioner keeps liquids from penetrating into wood cutting boards, which can lead to unwanted bacteria and other germs. At the same time, it moisturizes cutting boards, preventing them from becoming overly dry and eventually cracking. Beeswax oil also adds a wonderfully radiant finish to wood cutting boards.

When applying beeswax oil to your cutting board, put a small amount of it onto a lint-free cleaning cloth, then rub into the board, making sure to cover the entire surface. Before returning the board to storage, allow it to dry out on your counter for about an hour, letting the oil completely absorb into the wood.

Note: As real wood acclimates to its environment, it has a tendency to move and shift, which can lead to minor warping or cracking of your cutting board. This is to be expected, and is not considered a defect.

Cutting Board Storage

After using and cleaning your cutting board, be sure to store it in a well ventilated area, preferably in a vertical position. Storing your cutting board vertically prevents water from accumulating underneath it and potentially warping it. This also prevents dust and dirt from building up on the surface of the board.

You might also consider hanging your cutting board from the kitchen wall. Not only does this allow you to use your board as both a decorative piece and a food prep tool, it also offers a great way to store it vertically.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Woody Gustafson (Brainerd, US)

I bought a variety of cutting boards, rolling pins, turntables, and trivets. They are absolutely beautiful. The work was done professionally. Couldn’t be more happy with all of them.

Julie B. (Atlanta, US)
It's gorgeous.

I love this cutting board. It's every bit as gorgeous & substantial as the photos suggest.
I only have one issue. For whatever reason, mine doesn't sit completely flat. My counter might not be level. It's a possibility.
I helped the situation by attaching a thin pad under one leg. But I have to admit I wish it didn't have this issue.

Scott Koopman (Tualatin, US)
This cutting board is a work of art!!

This board is a beautiful addition to my kitchen. The workmanship and finish are superb. This heavy block doesn't move when in use due to the rubber feet. I have received several compliments and highly recommend this product.

David Landin (Denver, US)
Beautiful craftsmanship

I've already used my new cutting board several times in the two weeks I've had it. Extremely durable, the rubber feet hold it in place perfectly, and the overall build is just beautiful craftsmanship. A very happy and satisfied customer here.👍

Theodore Burke (Schenectady, US)
Wow!!What a Great Board!!

Took a chance never heard of this small family owned company before but the pictures of their products convinced me to take a chance. And I am glad I did!!My cutting Board is fantastic the craftsmanship and looks of this board blows others away I will be purchasing my Butcher Block also from them...Highly recommend Thanks

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