The Shorewood Cutting Board

Free 4oz of bottle beeswax oil included

The Shorewood Cutting Board is beautiful enough to use as a serving dish when entertaining guests, yet durable enough to handle the kitchen prepwork beforehand. Made from 1 ¼ inches of solid wood, this Amish-made cutting board features a stunning, 14-inch by 16-inch teardrop design that makes an excellent cheese board or charcuterie board. The superior end grain cutting surface keeps your knives sharp, while a beeswax oil finish protects the solid wood board and gives it a polished look. Use the large finger hole for easy handling or to hang your cutting board on the wall.

* Because we source our wood from multiple suppliers, there may be slight variations in the brightness of the walnut sapwood.

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Cutting Board Uses

You’ll find a variety of uses for your cutting board:

  • To cut fruits, vegetables, cheeses, etc.
  • As a serving platter when entertaining guests
  • As a decorative accent piece in your kitchen

When using your cutting board:

  • Do not expose it to excessive moisture for long periods of time, as this can cause it to warp.
  • Do not use it as a hot plate, as this can cause your board to dry out and eventually crack

Cutting Board Cleaning

After each use, you should wash your cutting board. First, dislodge any large food particles with a dishcloth or nylon bristled brush. For difficult food particles, try using a flat, steel bench scraper or spatula. After removing the larger pieces of food, quickly and carefully wet the surface with warm to hot soapy water, then scrub the board clean with a sponge, dish brush, or dishcloth. You’ll want to be sure to scrub the entire surface of the board, including the sides and bottom. Once you’ve finished scrubbing your board, rinse it clean and dry it with a dish towel, then place it on its edge to dry for at least an hour.

When cleaning your cutting board, AVOID:

  • Using a steel brush or steel wool, as these items can damage the surface of your board, creating cracks for unwanted microbes to hide.
  • Putting your cutting board in the dishwasher, as this can crack and warp the wood.
  • Submerging your cutting board in water, as the wood can absorb water and warp.
  • Using bleach to clean your cutting board, as this can stain and dry out the wood.
  • Laying your cutting board flat to dry on one side, as this can cause your board to warp.

Cutting Board Maintenance

You’ll want to regularly condition your cutting board with beeswax oil in order to extend its life. Beeswax oil is a food-safe wood conditioner that prevents liquids from penetrating into boards, where bacteria and other germs can form. It also moisturizes cutting boards, keeping them from becoming overly dry and brittle. In addition, beeswax oil adds a beautiful, glossy finish to wood cutting boards.

When applying the beeswax oil, put a few drops of it onto a lint-free cleaning cloth, then rub it into the entire surface of the cutting board. Allow the board to dry out on your countertop for an hour or so, letting the beeswax oil absorb completely into the wood before returning the board to storage.

Note: Read wood moves and shifts as it adapts to its environment. Slight cracking or warping of the wood is a possibility. This is not considered a defect.

Cutting Board Storage

You should store your cutting board in a well ventilated area, preferably in a vertical position. Storing your cutting board vertically keeps moisture from getting underneath it and possibly causing it to warp. This also prevents dirt and debris from accumulating on the cutting surface while in storage.

Consider hanging your cutting board from the kitchen wall. Not only does this add a decorative accent to your kitchen, it also gives you an easy way to store your board vertically.

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