Wooden Kitchen Tools

Looking for wooden kitchen tools to add to your culinary arsenal? At Amish Classic Creations, we carry a selection of wooden kitchenware, including wood cutting boards, butcher blocks, lazy susans, serving trays, and more. All of our handmade kitchenware is built in Northern Wisconsin by skilled Amish craftsmen, constructed from solid wood, and offered in a range of shapes, sizes, and natural wood styles. We also carry a beeswax oil wood conditioner that’s sure to keep your wooden kitchen items well protected while also adding a beautiful, glossy finish. Order today to enhance the beauty and functionality of your kitchen!
Three Cutting Boards Stacked on Top of Each Other on a Kitchen Counter Top

Cutting boards

Shop our selection of wooden cutting boards in various shapes, sizes, and styles. You’ll find rectangular cutting boards, round cutting boards, cutting boards with handles, cutting boards with rubber feet, and more. Each of our handmade cutting boards features a superior end grain cutting surface.
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Butcher Blocks

We carry an assortment of wooden butcher blocks, also known as chopping blocks. Choose from rectangular or round butcher blocks in a range of sizes and natural wood styles. All of our butcher blocks are constructed from 2 ¼ inches of solid wood and feature a self-healing, end grain cutting surface.
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Three Chopping Blocks Stacked on Top of Each Other on a Kitchen Counter Top
A set of Lazy Susans on a counter Top


Keep spices, condiments, and other kitchen items easily within reach with our selection of wooden turntables, also known as lazy susans. You’ll find round and square-round turntables in various sizes and natural wood styles. Each of our turntables features a superior, self-healing, end grain design.
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Charcuterie Boards

Find the ideal charcuterie board for entertaining guests at your next dinner party. Our collection of wooden charcuterie boards includes rectangular and round charcuterie boards, end grain charcuterie boards, charcuterie boards with handles, and more. Choose from a range of shapes, sizes, and styles.
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Three Charcuterie Boards on a Kitchen Counter Top
An Image of a Rolling Pin, a Trivet and Serving Tray on a Kitchen Counter Top

Kitchen Essentials

Looking for other wooden kitchen tools? We carry a variety of wooden kitchen essentials including rolling pins, trivets, and serving trays in various shapes, sizes, and natural wood styles. Whether you’re upgrading your own kitchen or searching for the perfect gift, these items are sure to be a hit.
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Wood Conditioner

If you’re planning to purchase one or more of our wooden kitchen items, we also recommend buying some beeswax oil wood conditioner. This food-safe wood conditioner repairs and rejuvenates unvarnished wood surfaces, making it ideal for use on your wooden kitchen items. Available in a variety of sizes.
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Bottles of Various Sizes of Beeswax Oil
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